Don’t be a dick, get a Chihuahua!

Whenever I see someone walking along with a large dog on a prong collar these words invariably float into my head … “you are a dick’.

You think you look cool & tough striding along with your Dobeman/Rottie/Shepherd/big beefy bullbreed on a prong collar.

… but you aren’t.

If you are incapable of handling a powerful dog without having to use a spiked collar to inflict pain do you know what you should do?

Get a fucking Chihuahua

Yep, get a dog you can control without resorting to using tools that cause pain.

And I love seeing a guy happy to walk a Chihuahua, with nothing to prove.

Tools that cause pain are for the lazy people, it uses pain to control an animal’s actions rather than working on the reasons for the actions and actually putting in the training time.

It doesn’t make you look like a tough man; walking an incapacitated large breed dog, it makes you look like a loser who can’t control their pet. Nothing screams “I’m an incompetent trainer” like somebody reliant on choking/hurting their dog just to get them to walk nicely.

And if you approach a trainer for help with a reactive dog who tells you to put one your dog on … run a mile – they are lazy ‘trainers’, it looks like a “quick fix” to impress you, to stop your dog doing whatever you want to stop them doing.

It doesn’t deal with the dogs emotions and the reason your dog lunges/barks/growls – they only stop doing it because it hurts when they do.

Thats not training. Its abuse.

One day I hope we will look back as a society on the people who treat their dogs like this, and be totally repulsed. We will think “how did they get away with it?” I hoped, by now we would be at that point already. But clearly not.

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