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Its just like Facebook with a newsfeed and groups, except its all dog talk, a like minded supportive social community with non of the annoying "has anyone had my parcel delivered to their house" and endless photos of an old school friends' dinner that day.
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Useful articles, and documents with information to help you and your dog are in the community groups.

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Information about how to start helping your dog,  monthly membership plans including hands on private training programmes


Links to research papers and articles about behaviour, training, health and neutering.

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Many things can help your dog succeed with your training.

There are also links to useful equipment in the articles section


Take a fun quiz to check your dog knowledge  or find out why your dog has the behvioural issues he has


Book a make a difference call with me - have a chat on the phone about your dog's struggles and find out how I can help.


The place to find courses to boost your training, it includes online only courses and courses to suport in person training programmes


Practical training videos and information videos about behavioural issues are in the free members chat group.

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Webinar replays

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