Resource Guarding

Step by step programme to help owners of dogs who become aggressive either around food or when they have possession of other items.

Its hard to live with a dog who growls at you & your family

Is your normally adorable dog aggressive when he is protecting his food or something he has stolen?

If your dog growls, snaps or becomes aggressive when he is protecting something he/she has claimed as theirs then this is the programme for you.

Living with a Jekyll and Hyde dog is hard, it is one of the hardest behavioural issues to live with – because the aggression is aimed at you, not at other dogs or other people.


Additional information

Initial Teams Consultation

Go through your history form and get to know you and your specific struggles, detailed information about your circumstances and find out more about your dog. I will explain in detail how the step by step process works, and explain what I need you to practice before our first in person meeting so you hit the ground running. I will also send you a copy of the recording for you to refer to.

3 In person hands on training sessions

3 Hands on behaviour consultations at your home with me to practice in the environment where your dog struggles, but keeping him under threshold and happy while we work

Full Membership Area

One page to visit to find everything you need for the programme

Full Online step by step courses

Currently being moved from another platform but will include step by step training with videos.

Client only Community Groups

Private groups to chat with me and other people with the same problems

Monthly Group Teams Clinic

Jump on a zoom with me to update me on progress and ask questions. Lifetime access.

Your diary

You get an online diary in the membership area.
We have to make training measurable.
This keeps me updated on your progress weekly.

Body language workbook

This will help you understand your dog, and his emotional state better – to help you understand how he is feeling to keep everyone safe.

Free Clicker training course

• This will help you teach your dog some of the easy training protocols you will need.
• Mental enrichment helps towards resolving most behaviour problems.
• Its fun

Book your own appointments in

From the membership area you get access to my diary to book your appointments at times most convenient for you.
Weekday, evening and Saturday appointments available.

Support from me at every step

If you need advise between sessions I am always here to help

Other discounts

Discounts off other things that will help you succeed: follow on sessions should you require them, clothing and equipment.
Includes 10% off food, enrichment & toys at Jakes Treats & 10% off Tug-e-nuff toys

Join the tribe

Success is a couple of clicks away – start now to help you and your dog have a happier, less stressful life.

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