“But my dog won’t work for food”

I hear it quite often …
“my dog is stubborn”
“my dog wont work for food”

Firstly, dogs are not stubborn, you quite simply, aren’t offering him anything he wants at that moment in time.

If you aren’t hungy and someone offers you a cheese sandwich, you will probably say ‘thank you but no’.

However, someone holds out a bag of sweets and offers it to you … my guess is that you will take one. Right?

Food is a primary reinforcer: Dogs need food to survive They have to eat. Dogs like food.
Does one of these describe your dog? 

My dog will take treats in the house but not outside.
My dog wont work for food at all

What do we need to change to make your dog want to work for food?

① The environment

② The food you are offering

③ The value of food

④ Emotional state

Not necessarily in that order, it depends on your problem. You may have to change just one of those, or a couple, or all of them.

Read the four step plan to help you encourage your dog to work for food – if you can’t see them then sign up to the free membership. Just register for the FREE membership to find out how.

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