How much does a dog behaviourist cost?

How much do dog behaviourists charge?

We each have our own variations on how we train; both in our methods and in the programmes & training sessions we offer but in general the hourly rate for a GOOD canine behaviourist is pretty similar for us all.

They are all packaged differently so it can be confusing to compare but it works out at around £95 ph. if you base prices on your actual physical, in person training sessions. People offer varying session lengths, follow-ups, support between sessions etc.

What you don’t see is all the work that goes on behind the scenes before and after your sessions. We dont actually get £95 per hour – if only!!! You don’t see most of the hours I put in: speaking to you on the phone, analyzing your history forms, contacting you with more questions, speaking to vets, planning your training sessions in advance, going through your notes before sessions, packing equipment, driving, writing reports, reading diaries, doing checkup emails & phone calls …. not to mention the cost of fuel and treats! it takes time and commitment to help you and your dog.

I have tried and tested programs with ooodles of information and support to help you through.

So how do you choose?
Speak to them on the phone, and check the methods they use. Are they a force-free trainer or a balanced trainer, will they use punishment based techniques and tools like pinch collars, jerks on slips leads or electric collars? or train with rewards like me?

Have a chat … I always want to speak to people first to make sure they sign up for the right program for them, that we are a good fit for each other and we like each other and have the same dreams & goals for your dog.

So book in a chat on the phone and we can take it from there.

In the meantime this will answer the most common questions.


Why is it so expensive?

Because we spend years doing courses, learning everything there is to know about dogs and their behaviour. We spend a small fortune on it too, and continue to do so as we strive to be be best and continue to attend seminars, workshops and courses to keep up with new ideas and research.

You aren’t just paying for an hour of ‘time’ you are paying for knowledge and experience.

Just like this tale about Picasso.

Picasso was having a drink in a cafe.

He was drawing on a napkin whilst enjoying his drink, and was just about to screw up the napkin when an admirer recognised him and asked if she could buy the napkin. Picasso said, yes, of course – that will be $10,000.

“But you drew that in thirty seconds,” the astonished woman replied.

Picasso leaned over, carefully took the napkin back and said “No, dear lady, it took me a lifetime to draw that.”

Do you use punishment?

I use Positive reinforcement, kindness, rewards, encouragement and patience.
I will never punish, hurt or scare your dog in order to train them and achieve your goals.

Canine professionals like me, and others in the area know it is the only way to help dogs overcome behaviour problems.

There are ‘Balanced Trainers’, and others who use aversives including pinch collars, ‘corrections’ or punishments like yanking a slip lead or even electric collars. Bullying or causing pain or fear is never the way to train any dog.

Sometimes they are easy to spot because they offer a ‘quick fix’ – otherwise there will be no mention of their training methods until they have their hands on your dog.

So speak to people on the phone and ask about their methods.

Why is your programme built in the way it is?

Because from years of experience I know it helps you and your dog learn in the best way possible and it gives the support I know you will need.

Why don't you do just one session?

One long 2 or 3 hour behaviour session followed up by a long typed up report (how most behaviourists work) means you have to take in so much information in one session it can be totally overwhelming.

Also, because I want to see you make progress and help you reach your goals.

Why is it split into multiple sessions?

I know that behaviour problems take time to resolve and multiple shorter sessions is the best way to help you reach your goals.

Behaviour modification is a process, and the multiple sessions help support, motivate, assess progress and answer questions.

Most importantly it allows your dog to progress at a sensible and comfortable rate.

It helps you and your dog learn, and make progress, step by step.

It helps me give you a longer-term, much more interactive support.

Why does it include an online course? I want in person training.

You get all the hands on, in person training you need, but it can be hard for some people to remember everything so I have put it all in the course for you to read after your sessions.

There are loads of small changes you may need to make, or can look at that will help you, and there is so much of it I want you to have access to all the information whilst saving our in person sessions for teaching you practical skills, timing, understanding your dog and environmental awareness.

Why do you give me other free courses in the membership area?

You get a lead skills course because having a dog who pulls hard on that lead adds stress and frustration. Resolving it will help your progress and makes a difference to how relaxed you both are – it will impact on your dog’s reactivity.

You get a clicker training course because mental enrichment is so important for your dog and your training.
It is fun and general obedience training helps everything – it boosts your relationship, improves your dog’s listening skills, increases focus and engagement when you need it.

Why do I get Monthly Group Clinic sessions included?

Because keeping in touch is improtant and you may have questions you need answering between sessions.

You may just want to give me an update.

It’s great to listen to everyone else and learn from them too.

Why a diary?

Because any kind of training should be measurable; access to complete a diary between sessions keeps us in touch between sessions and allows me to track your progress.

Is it guaranteed?

Now there is a biggie.

No, in a word.

Why not? … I hear you!

Because I am teaching you how to train your dog in the sessions. I will work with your dog to show you what to do and then watch you do the same to make sure you understand the principles and the process.

Between sessions it will be YOU training your dog using the knowledge and information and training plan I have given you.

If you don’t practice, don’t use any of the resouces I give you or simply choose to ignore what you have advised to do then it won’t work.

Neither I, nor any other behaviourist can guarantee that you will actually do what we tell you to do, or that you will follow the training through.

If you ignore the advice it won’t work.

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All of these are copied directly from my Facebook and Google Reviews for The Fairydogmother (Yorkshire) Ltd.


Where do I start? everyone told me my boy Bowie was a lost cause. that he was dangerous . that he was beyond help and to put him to sleep. he was just 11 months old. a young male dog struggling with hormones and he began to lash out. he had bitten. attacked 2 dogs. become a dog i no longer recognised . i had to get help. I met many trainers. but then I met kerry. I instantly knew she was different from the rest and that she was going to help us. fast forward 18 months (thanks covid) we now have our boy back. balanced. focused. social. Happy. yes he may have a flare up in the future but I now have all the tools and the confidence to get my boy through it all and I couldn't have done it without kerry. I will be forever grateful for her help, advice, guidance and knowledge for bringing my boy back.

Natalie Leak, Bowie


Working with Kerry was great. Really appreciated how she listened and focussed on what was right for our dog and for us. Kerry has helped enormously, guiding us to help Juno overcome her anxiety around traffic. We picked up loads of other tips and fun tricks along the way and now have a happy, relaxed dog.

Helen Coop, Juno


We will never be able to thank Kerry enough for her magic work on our girl sky. Sky is a rescue dog and she was a dog reactive dog, and I say 'was' because we have seen such significant improvement in her. Sky is so much happier on her walks, and can focus on us instead of dogs now. She still has the odd moment if her distance boundaries are pushed but overall I would say we have 98% reaction free walks. It's made sky happier and it's made us so much more confident in walking her. We never thought she would be able to walk down the same street as another dog without reacting but she's smashing it. This is after meeting the fairy dog mother only three times! sky was also quick to make friends with Kerry, which normally takes a little while especially outside of our home! I could not recommend her to you enough, honestly has worked wonders with our sky.

Leanne Kennedy, Sky


We have used Kerry on a one to one at home with our beagle puppy. We had only two sessions and couldn’t believe the difference in our young dog’s behaviour. He was a highly stressed,anxious dog with guarding issues and aggressive behaviour. He became much calmer and turned into a loving dog who clearly enjoyed the training too! I had lost my trust in him due to him biting me but since following Kerry’s advice we developed a great bond between us. I can highly recommend Kerry.

Jennie Small, Bertie


We contacted Kerry to help with our rescue dog Ruby who was scared of everthing, but mainly people and also with pulling on the lead. We have successfully been able to walk her calmly after all the help and training. Ruby is like a different dog around people with no lunging or barking any more. We were also able to intergrate Ruby with family members not living in our house. I can not thank Kerry enough for all the hard work and techniques we have learned working with her to help Ruby.

Phil Coates, Ruby


I can't recommend Kerry enough my life was very stressful before the training, my dogs were always barking at something , its made such a difference to my life and my dogs they are a lot calmer happier dogs ,well worth the money

Karen, Mack


Kerry is a complete Angel and trained us and our difficult dog with patience and care. Thank you very much for all your haed work

Rachel Tottle, Lilly


Kerry helped us so much with our nervous boy Oaty! He was super nervous of new people, especially in the house and would bark constantly at them. One of the first times Kerry met Oaty, he sat and barked at her for a whole hour and she wasn’t deterred at all. 6 months on and he happily plays and wrestles about with people we introduce him to! He’s grown so much in confidence and we can now happily leave him with dog sitters and new people. It’s relieved so much of our worries and helped both Oaty and us live a happier life together. Couldn’t recommend Kerry more!!

Emma Conway, Oaty

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