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Lots of links for you for interesting scientific research on dog health, behaviour, puppies, spay and neuter research – they are just here for you to read and form your own opinions on the subjects.

Fear and Anxiety


Behavioral and psychological outcomes for dogs sold as puppies through pet stores and/or born in commercial breeding establishments: Current knowledge and putative causes

Behavioral Changes Associated with Thyroid Dysfunction in Dogs

Noise sensitivity and general fearfulness in dogs:
Overlapping genomic regions underlie canine fearfulness and human mental disorders

The Function of Play Bows in Dog and Wolf Puppies

Neuroscience Of Licking & Sender-Receiver Mechanisms. Are They Conflict Reducing, Disengagement Markers, Arousal Or Congruence Signals?

The Importance of Food in Dog Training

Can dogs have autism?

Emotional Contagion

Reading Faces: Differential Lateral Gaze Bias in Processing Canine and Human Facial Expressions in Dogs and 4-Year-Old Children

Investigating emotional contagion in dogs (Canis familiaris) to emotional sounds of humans and conspecifics

Rapid mimicry and emotional contagion in domestic dogs

Emotional contagion in dogs as measured by change in cognitive task performance


common injury factors for puppies – it’s not just about hips and elbows—and-its-not-just-about-hips-and-elbows?fbclid=IwAR2BW7ZGYtFu1QEKXjZl8l6CbkQUulet_Ott-LLgZULonsx1458aXMP5Mu8

Harness use affecting gait

A myotherapists perspective on harnesses

Faulty gene may help explain why food-obsessed Labradors top obesity charts


Dr Becker. The truth about spaying and neutering (Youtube Video)


Behavioral Reasons for Relinquishment of Dogs and Cats to 12 Shelters

Evaluation of a behavioral assessment questionnaire for use in the characterization of behavioral problems of dogs relinquished to animal shelters

Non-reproductive Effects of Spaying and Neutering on Behaviour in Dogs

Effects of Spaying and Neutering on Behaviour in Dogs

The Social Behaviour of Neutered Male Dogs Compared to Intact Dogs

A literature review on the welfare implications of gonadectomy of dogs

Spay Neuter And Joint Disease

Growth Plates

Castration ~ Effects on male dog health and behaviour

Neutering Your Dog – Making an Informed Decision–making.pdf

Gonadectomy effects on the risk of immune disorders in the dog: a retrospective study

Neutering Dogs: Effects on Joint Disorders and Cancers in Golden Retrievers

Neutering of German Shepherd Dogs: associated joint disorders, cancers and urinary incontinence

Spaying and urinary incontinence in bitches under UK primary veterinary care: a case–control study

Long-Term Health Effects of Neutering Dogs: Comparison of Labrador Retrievers with Golden Retrievers

Rottweilers Endogenous Gonadal Hormone Exposure and Bone Sarcoma Risk

Rottweilers are considered to be at high risk of osteosarcome and are five times more likely to develop the tumour than the average dog (Comstock et al 2006). It has been suggested that between 5 and 12% of all Rottweilers develop osteosarcoma (Rosenberger & Crawford 2004, Comstock et al 2006). Dogs that underwent early elective gonadectomy had a one in four lifetime risk 

The specific cause of osteosarcoma is not known.  However, because osteosarcoma tumors are frequently found near growth plates, it is speculated that factors that affect growth rates, ?neutering  and such as diets that promote rapid growth in puppies, appear to influence risk.  

The genetic basis of the disease is yet to be elucidated. It has a familial pattern of incidence and it seems likely that the prevalence may be reduced by breeding only from lines that have not (or very rarely) been affected.

Reproductive Capability Is Associated with Lifespan and Cause of Death in Companion Dogs

Post-spaying/neutering care guide


Inflammatory bowel disease – Causes and Symptoms of IBD in Dogs

Your dog needs us to suppport him through this, get started today


All of these are copied directly from my Facebook and Google Reviews for The Fairydogmother (Yorkshire) Ltd.


Where do I start? everyone told me my boy Bowie was a lost cause. that he was dangerous . that he was beyond help and to put him to sleep. he was just 11 months old. a young male dog struggling with hormones and he began to lash out. he had bitten. attacked 2 dogs. become a dog i no longer recognised . i had to get help. I met many trainers. but then I met kerry. I instantly knew she was different from the rest and that she was going to help us. fast forward 18 months (thanks covid) we now have our boy back. balanced. focused. social. Happy. yes he may have a flare up in the future but I now have all the tools and the confidence to get my boy through it all and I couldn't have done it without kerry. I will be forever grateful for her help, advice, guidance and knowledge for bringing my boy back.

Natalie Leak, Bowie


Working with Kerry was great. Really appreciated how she listened and focussed on what was right for our dog and for us. Kerry has helped enormously, guiding us to help Juno overcome her anxiety around traffic. We picked up loads of other tips and fun tricks along the way and now have a happy, relaxed dog.

Helen Coop, Juno


We will never be able to thank Kerry enough for her magic work on our girl sky. Sky is a rescue dog and she was a dog reactive dog, and I say 'was' because we have seen such significant improvement in her. Sky is so much happier on her walks, and can focus on us instead of dogs now. She still has the odd moment if her distance boundaries are pushed but overall I would say we have 98% reaction free walks. It's made sky happier and it's made us so much more confident in walking her. We never thought she would be able to walk down the same street as another dog without reacting but she's smashing it. This is after meeting the fairy dog mother only three times! sky was also quick to make friends with Kerry, which normally takes a little while especially outside of our home! I could not recommend her to you enough, honestly has worked wonders with our sky.

Leanne Kennedy, Sky


We have used Kerry on a one to one at home with our beagle puppy. We had only two sessions and couldn’t believe the difference in our young dog’s behaviour. He was a highly stressed,anxious dog with guarding issues and aggressive behaviour. He became much calmer and turned into a loving dog who clearly enjoyed the training too! I had lost my trust in him due to him biting me but since following Kerry’s advice we developed a great bond between us. I can highly recommend Kerry.

Jennie Small, Bertie


We contacted Kerry to help with our rescue dog Ruby who was scared of everthing, but mainly people and also with pulling on the lead. We have successfully been able to walk her calmly after all the help and training. Ruby is like a different dog around people with no lunging or barking any more. We were also able to intergrate Ruby with family members not living in our house. I can not thank Kerry enough for all the hard work and techniques we have learned working with her to help Ruby.

Phil Coates, Ruby


I can't recommend Kerry enough my life was very stressful before the training, my dogs were always barking at something , its made such a difference to my life and my dogs they are a lot calmer happier dogs ,well worth the money

Karen, Mack


Kerry is a complete Angel and trained us and our difficult dog with patience and care. Thank you very much for all your haed work

Rachel Tottle, Lilly


Kerry helped us so much with our nervous boy Oaty! He was super nervous of new people, especially in the house and would bark constantly at them. One of the first times Kerry met Oaty, he sat and barked at her for a whole hour and she wasn’t deterred at all. 6 months on and he happily plays and wrestles about with people we introduce him to! He’s grown so much in confidence and we can now happily leave him with dog sitters and new people. It’s relieved so much of our worries and helped both Oaty and us live a happier life together. Couldn’t recommend Kerry more!!

Emma Conway, Oaty

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