Terrified to tranquil intensive 8 week programme


If you have a dog who panics when he or she is left home alone then this is the training for you

to ensure you make effective progress with an extended 8 week programme .

An 8 week programme to get you on the road to be able to happily leave your dog home alone.



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If you have a dog who panics when he or she is left home alone then this is the training for you – an extended 8 week programme to ensure you make effective progress.

The best way to get your dog over separation anxiety is to gradually expose him to being on his own. But in tiny steps that he can handle, keeping him below his anxiety threshold 100% of the time.

Separation anxiety is unique amongst the dog behaviours I work with in that it’s best treated without me physically present because if I am there your dog will behave differently. It’s about teaching your dog that you leaving the house isn’t a scary thing. You don’t need to have me in the room to do that, just my daily support with tailor written daily plans for your dog so we work at the speed he feels comfortable with.

I use only tried and trusted methods supported by research (and I am a total geek and continue to jump on conferences, seminars and new courses to look for new research). I use these methods because they succeed for the good majority of dogs (when you consistently apply them).

How long does it take to fix?

There is no way to predict how long it will take to help a dog with anxiety as we are working with emotions; most notably fear. Fear is the easiest emotion for animals to get and the hardest one to resolve. Every dog is different, and so it wouldn’t be right to give a target date. Plus, the recovery process is also affected by you committing to the training. But there are things you can do to speed the process along including suspending absences.

Dog anxiety is highly treatable and I specialise in dogs with fear and anxiety related behaviours. Yes, progress can sometimes seem slow at the start, but once you get going with the training you’ll see process accelerate.

You get so much support on this programme, including lifetime zoom support – please click on Additional information to find out.

How does it work?

After your initial zoom assessment appointment I send you daily training, you video your practice sessions, fill out your notes and send me your video & notes for assessment.

• 1 hour zoom assessment
• 4 weeks of intensive training including video assessments
• Followed by 4 weeks of support training (without video assessments)
• Half hour zoom check in sessions every two weeks
• Daily plans created 5 days a week for 8 weeks
• Daily video reviews 5 days a week for the initial 4 weeks

Additional information

Daily Video reviews

Eight weeks of Separation anxiety training.
Personalised training plan set for you five days a week for 8 weeks
Video reviews for the first 4 weeks

Initial Zoom Consultation

Get to know you and your specific struggles with leaving your dog home alone, gathering detailed information about your circumstances and carrying out an assessment. I will explain in detail how the step by step process works, I will also send you a copy of the recording for you to refer to.

3 check-in zooms

Catch up chats throughout the programme to see how you are doing

Full Membership Area

One page to visit to find everything you need for the programme

Online course

To set your dog up for success and help you deal with problems you may encounter along the way.

Client only Community Groups

Private groups to chat with me and other people with the same problems

Monthly Group Zoom Clinic

Jump on a zoom with me to update me on progress and ask questions. Lifetime access.

Free teaching webinars

Online webinars focusing on things to help you suceed.

Daily training

You get access to an app which is your daily training diary
We have to make training measurable.
This keeps me updated on your progress daily

Body language workbook

This will help you understand your dog, and his emotional state better – to help you understand how he is feeling

Free Clicker training course

• Mental enrichment helps towards resolving most behaviour problems.
• Its fun

Book your own appointments in

From the membership area you get access to my diary to book your zoom appointments at times most convenient for you.
Weekday, evening and Saturday appointments available.

Support from me at every step

If you need advice between sessions I am always here to help

Other discounts

Discounts off other things that will help you succeed: follow on sessions should you require them, clothing and equipment.
Includes 10% off food, enrichment & toys at Jakes Treats & 10% off Tug-e-nuff toys